Acupuncture for Osteoarthritis in Knee

Acupuncture for Osteoarthritis – Knee Arthritis Cured in 3 Days

Acupuncture for Osteoarthritis

Currently in India, acupuncture in some circles is seen as easily the fastest fix for osteoarthritis in the knee where in his book entitled “Clinical Acupuncture”, Professeur Anton Jayasuriya describes the exact point and depth where the needles need to be placed.

When observed through video footage of this practice which dates back generations,  every needle after insertion is heated till it’s piping red hot and still glowing when removed.

Today doctors use a quicker method to heat the needle with a gas burning bunsen burner style lighter, and one by one after the needle is quickly heated to what appears to almost maximum temperature, they are the gently removed.

Afterwards and here comes perhaps the slightly controversial part, the patient is asked to slowly lower themselves leaning forward until they can bend their knees enough before eventually sitting on the ground where they are then asked to carefully sit cross legged.

You will know from just observing sufferers of osteoarthritis in the knee that this certainly looks a tall order, but when watching albeit unverified footage of Prof Anton Jayasuriya at work, this appears to be the case.

The pain of one patient suggested this lady had not been able to sit for up to 8 months as it had been unbearable, but after observing her receiving this treatment, the lady in question admits while sitting akimbo, that the pain was no longer there, and this is immediately after the acupuncture was administered.

As she gingerly leaves Prof Anton’s clinic, when asked to turn around and climb the steps just descended  she admits that functionality is much better.

After the first acupuncture session which takes just a few minutes, this is then repeated two or three more times each day, until the condition is normal.

Ayurvedic oil, Narayan Tel and heat pads are then prescribed as in home treatment for the patient where it is argued that almost all cases of this type of osteoarthritis knee treatment will eventually remove the pain and vastly reduce the swelling in a very short period of time.

However this will not stop the deterioration of the joint but rather it relieve the pain and the swelling.

To start the remission process, only biologically injected medications which are new in the West alongside natural supplements that help ease the inflammation, reduce the pain while providing greater fluidity to the joint, are observed to instruct remission of joint deterioration the fastest.

Thermology applied through heating pads or cool pads are also advised as a safer option to this style of acupuncture which may damage the nerve.

But Prof Jayasuriya argues that by removing the pain and the swelling and restoring mobility permanently through just a few sessions greatly reduces joint deterioration and immediately improves quality of life.

For a greater understanding on acupuncture for osteoarthritis of the knee, research the “Ahh Shi” points and “Gua Sha” for locating the exact  to target.

WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW – by Anton Jayasuriya  on Osteoarthritis Knee Acupuncture


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