Can the Latest Fitness Gadgets Help you Lose Weight Faster?

Can the Latest Fitness Gadgets Help you Lose Weight Faster?

Latest Fitness Gadgets It’s clear in today’s day and age that the smartphone or tablet are indispensable to getting about, but can they really help you lose weight in the long run?

Well the answer cannot yet be conclusively assessed as the research doesn’t exist but it’s clear that with the crudely named weight loss show “The Biggest Loser” in the U.S, who have just developed a new fitness app, that 2014 will see a big growth of technology for this market.

What  does the research does say?

However, there is something particularly motivational when using a new app whether it’s organizing your music collection or your interest in creating stunning videos, and the same can be said for app’s such as ones which count calories in foods, or how many calorie’s you’ve burnt doing a particular exercise and this may help kick your fitness program into overdrive.

Additionally, in a recent study carried out in one research of over 200 weight loss app’s and gadgets demonstrated there was a continuing trend and that is that real-time self monitoring and within a group based community like many that these apps and gadgets provide such as online forums or Facebook groups or pages can be serious motivators.

What do the small gadget devices measure?

Body temperature
Heart rate
Running steps
All of your physical activity throughout the day

Note: There is currently as of January 2014 no single brand that offers all these features so best to compare prices first.

Most have visual displays, connect to your tablet, PC or smartphone to deliver the data and you can connect the software with additional diet apps so you can track your weight loss calorie goals and create your own diet plan.

These are worn by strapping them to your upper arm and leaving them on throughout the whole day, however newer sleeker devices are emerging like futuristic looking wristwatches or strap-on pocket devices.

However only the hard work you put in will help you get the most out of these devices, but they do indeed appear motivational.

Key to Losing Weight

As we all know if we eat fewer calories than we burn then we will lose weight, so that means a combination of diet, exercise and supplements if you choose to lose weight faster by taking a  fat burner, blocker or binder.

Additionally, 3,500 calories translates approximately as one pound, so you will need to reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories a day or expend 500 more calories than you consume to lose on average 1lb  a week – that’s the reality to losing weight.



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