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Meratrim Reviews 2014

Backed by Two Clinical Studies – This review explains how Meratrim will help you lose weight relatively fast in just the 1st 2 weeks:


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Meratrim Reviews 400mg

Backed by 2 clinical trial studies, reviews of Meratrim’s performance as a weight loss aid demonstrate that it is most effective on the body when taken in the first two weeks.

Having garnered quite a lot of the media spotlight since the beginning of Feb 2014 when Meratrim reviews started appearing on the TV, notably kick started by the medical celebrity doctor – Dr Oz in the U.S, this leads you to question whether there is any truth in the claims that Meratrim is an effective fat blocker slash fat burner.

The claims that it can help aid in assisting you block as well as burn fat lie in 2 specific herbs that have been tested under a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial – argued to be the most scrutinous of scientific studies that can be carried out on humans – that has supposedly proven Meratrim will help people lose weight relatively fast in the first 8 weeks.

Meratrim Key Pro’s:

 Lose 4lbs plus in the first fortnight

 Backed by two clinical studies

 Trials suggest a reduction in waist size in just 2 weeks

 Trials suggest a reduction in hip size in 8 weeks

 May contribute to healthy adiponectin levels


 Participants after 8 weeks who consumed Meratrim on average lost 11 lbs and reduced waist circumference by 4.7 inches in the study published by the Journal of Medicinal Food


Meratrim Key Con’s:

 Meratrim is still in its infancy as a dietary aid so there are not a vast amount of user reviews as yet – September 2014 

Meratrim Medical Trials

The trials went as follows:Meratrim at Vitamin Shoppe

A group of 100 obese people, three quarters of which were women and a quarter men were split into 2 groups.

The first took 2 daily 400mg doses of Meratrim half an hour before breakfast and dinner.

The second placebo group took a 400mg dummy pill at the same times.

Their diets allowed for the exact number of 2000 calories a day, no less or more where each individual was made to walk for 30 minutes each day.

Clinical Trial Results:

Results concluded which were published by the Journal of Medicinal Food, revealed that the mean weight loss of the “Herbal Blend” supplement takers or Meratrim group, was 5.2 kilograms or 11lbs over the course of the 8 weeks.

However the initial weight loss happened relatively quickly in the first 2 weeks where the mean shift in body weight fell as much as 4lbs.

Interestingly perhaps  was where the fat was dropped as Meratrim is said to target the abdominal fat – the nasty fat – which saw those taking the herbal blend lose an average 4.7 inches off their midriff, in comparison to 2.4 inches of those taking that placebo pill.

Additional improvements were also noted in individuals BMI, physical function, self esteem and work expenditure, while there was a decrease in triglycerides, fasting glucose and total cholesterol levels.

Meratrim Reviews

This is important as by lowering these health margins, you improve your longevity as waistline fat is responsible for some of the most common obesity illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and inflammatory ailments as a result from the consumption of trans-fats and processed carbohydrates.

However: It should also be noted that those who sponsored the trial – InterHealth, are also responsible for the manufacturing of Meratrim so you could well  argue that they have a clear vested interest in seeing it succeed but this doesn’t necessarily mean the trial is flawed, albeit that in past trials funding sources have been known to have a minor effect on the outcome of the results, although if published by the Journal of Medicinal Food, this should ideally mean the results carry weight.

Here is a snap shot taken from the review section at VitaminShoppe who are the retail outlet for InterHealth’s Meratrim:


Meratrim reviews from Vitamin Shop August 2014 3Meratrim reviews from Vitamin Shop August 2014 4

Meratrim capsules

meratrim supplement facts

Meratrim on VitaminShoppe


Meratrim Treatment EffectsBuy-meratrim

There are no known treatment effects or side-effects of Meratrim of taking 800mg of pure Meratrim a day in two separate dosages.

If you suffer from any allergies the following ingredients are not included.

Foods not included in Meratrim as supplemental facts confirm:

Suitable for veggies, this herbal blend does not include lactose, soy, citrus, wheat, yeast, milk, fish or egg products, salt, sugar, starch, artificial coloring or flavoring or preservatives..

Meratrim IngredientsMeratrim Reviews 400mg

It is argued there are two key ingredients in Meratrim, Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana which you find in the popular Garcinia Cambogia dietary supplements used by weight lifters as it contains Hydroxycitric Acid – HCA.

HCA is a derivative of citrus acid that has the potential ability to modulate lipid metabolism and reduce epididymal fat accumulation, as it  inhibits fat production, stabilizes appetite urges and increases your metabolic rate.


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Additional dieting advice from Dr Oz – How to triple your fat loss plan:

Meratrim Dr Oz Triple you Fat Loss Plan


Taking 100% pure Meratrim is the first part a “Triple Fat Loss Plan” says the celebrity Doc, as a means of losing weight relatively fast, along with additional advice which…


…secondly includes having a spoonful of pomegranate vinegar after each meal which stops the sugar spikes, prompting your body to breakdown fat in order to expend energy, helping you to purportedly burn fat instead of accumulating more and storing it.

Taking most forms of vinegar like apple cider vinegar does change how your body metabolizes certain foods like sugars and new studies specifically show how pomegranate is effective here, and it can be bought from most grocery stores in the west.


Third, he argues you should double your protein at every meal.

Protein, when you naturally digest it he states will waste a lot of calories, so doubling up on your proteins and replacing them with the carbs you once ate, will cause you to produce a lot of heat in the body that will naturally burn more fat – in the belly, under and around the arms and across the torso.

With this third step in tripling your fat loss plan, by taking 400mg of 100% pure Meratrim 30 minutes before each doubled-up protein dish such as yoghurt and eggs for breakfast, white turkey meat salad for lunch and a burger or two with cheese for dinner and specifically without the bun (processed carbs), followed by a spoonful of pomegranate vinegar – this he adds is a surefire way to burn fat naturally faster.

Additionally he concludes is that this triple fat loss plan may also be accompanied with a 10 day detox implemented through a 3 step Probiotics plan involving:

One, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus for improving immunity and your immune system.  

Two, Biofidobacterium Infantis for resolving upset stomachs and bloating and IBS symptoms.

Three, Lactobacillus Gasseri for blasting abdominal fat.


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